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Samurai Sisters

Sasha, BB, Trina, and Niki.

BB (Bushido Bonita): The tough one. Strength and ingenuity are her biggest fighting assets. Shes into machines, and building with her hands. She likes to eat, a lot. Loyal to a fault.

Trina (Katrina Katana): The Leader. Shes not as strong as BB or as fast as Sasha, but she makes up for it with skill and discipline. A big reader. Loves hats. She acts as a mother figure to Sasha.

Sasha (Samurai Sasha): The sweet one. Shes actually the most talented as far as fighting goes, but she has some discipline issues so she is not the best fighter. Has a thing for butterflies. Sensitive. Speed and agility are her strengths.

Niki (Nikita Knives): The Enemy. Niki has an intimidation factor that works mostly on Sasha. It takes the effort of all 3 sisters to stand a chance against Niki. Violence is always heightened with her in the story of these girls (notice how she is the only one who has her swords unsheathed.) Incredibly intelligent. Very scary.

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